sound massage

The sound massage by Peter Hess is based on the ancient knowledge about the effects of sounds, which have already been applied more than 5000 years ago in the Indian art of healing. In the Eastern perception the origin of the world lies in sound, thus is sound. Only by living in accordance with himself and his environment, a person is capable of forming his life freely and creatively.

  • The sound of the singing bowl touches our inner self, brings the soul to vibrate.
  • The sound releases tensions, mobilizes the self-healing powers and releases creative energy.
  • – Peter Hess

The sound massage by Peter Hess offers a diverse and harmonious sound range; it can bring deep relaxation, because sounds address the initial trust of people and thereby generate willingness to let go. Sound harmonizes gently every single cell in the body, can promote health, improves body awareness and supports the recognition and use of own resources. Thus, a positive effect on self-confidence and creativity may be enabled.

To promote health and stress reduction 8 – 10 treatments in a one or two week rhythm can suffice. The time required is approximately 1.5 hours.